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Ready to take your fashion to a new level? Get inspired with our beautiful baubles. Started in early 2012, by two fashion-forward Parisians, Hipanema was created inspired by the magnificent beauty of the Brazilian tropics.

Take the glamour from Brazil, and put it on your wrist.


Made of high-quality, sustainable products, each Hipanema bracelet is crafted with love. Because of the way each our bracelets are made, no two are ever alike—just like you. Unlike other, boring and bothersome bracelets that are tied to be secure, our chic magnetized clasps ensure that your bracelets grace your arms long after your visit to the tropics.

With many different models featuring multicolored thread, seashells, and pearls, you can dress it up, down, and wear it around town to be the beauty that all the girls want to be, and all the men want to be with.

Be daring, be glamorous, be HIPANEMA.

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